Apple (AAPL) Announces imBryo for iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a two-way prenatal communicator!

Turn your iPhone into a two-way prenatal messaging system!


CUPERTINO, California?November 3, 2008?Apple? today announced imBryo its latest and most revolutionary iPhone yet. According to Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, “With imBryo, the iPhone becomes a full-featured, two-way prenatal communicator. Studies show that prenatal stimulation jump starts a newborn’s ?visual, linguistic, and motor development. What better way to stimulate your baby than making your full iTunes catalog available in utero.”

The most revolutionary feature of imBryo is two-way prenatal messaging. For the first time, future grandparents and loved ones can dial into the womb and hear the heart beat and squooshy womb noises without an ultrasound – even from across the country. And the pre-born will be able to “hear” the gentle vibrations of Grandma and Grandpa’s voices. “Everyone gets a jump-start on bonding,” according to Jobs.

The imBryo is a logical extension of Apple’s focus on education. “We know that when people use Apple products as children they become Apple customers as adults,” said Jobs. “It only makes sense for us to draw them into the Apple fold as early as possible.”

Coinciding with the launch, the Apple CEO also announce the release of the imBryonic Development Kit. “We hope it will serve as an incubator for future imBryo products which we’ll feature in the iBaby section of the iPhone store. We see a big market for womb-tones.”

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