A word about copyrights

Lately a lot of my images have been (to be nice) borrowed by people who I assume don’t know any better. Here’s the facts: All my cartoons (and everyone else’s cartoons and images) are automatically protected by copyright. You can’t use my images without my permission.

Think of it like this: You’d be pretty upset if somebody copied you blog posts without permission or attribution. Well, these cartoons are my blog posts so give me the same courtesy you’d expect to receive.

So ask first and offer to include copyright information and link both the image and the copyright info back to my site. I’m fairly friendly about granting permission (although there are some reasons why I sometimes won’t). However, if I find you’ve used one of my images without asking, I’ll request that you remove it. So ask first or don’t do it.

There are some pretty draconian ways to enforce copyrights but I don’t like using them and I’d like to avoid any online food fights.

And if you know of someone using my images without attribution, I’d appreciate you letting me know so I can follow up.

Thanks. I’ll get back to being funny soon!