Merry Christmas Illinois: Blagojevich Wrapped

The Fifth Cartoon of Christmas
The Fifth Cartoon of Christmas

Update: As I said politicians, especially former Illinois governors are indeed the gift that keeps on giving. Three years after this cartoon was originally published, it’s timely again. As Blago has just been sentenced to 14 years in prison. one of the stiffest corruption-related sentences in Illinois history.

Illinois politicians seem to view the Governor’s office as “the gift that keeps on giving.” Fortunately, this year the FBI has a Christmas present for the citizens of the state: Governor Blagojevich all wrapped up and ready to drop down the chimney of one our federal prisons.

Getting Ready for Christmas: Emissions Testing

Christmas Pollution Testing

The Sixth Cartoon of Christmas

With the Sixth Cartoon of Christmas, I’m right on schedule to complete this year’s cycle. Word out of the North Pole is that things haven’t gone as smoothly there. But don’t worry kids, I’m sure Santa and the elves will have things worked out in time for Christmas.

This Christmas Support Your Local Artist

The Third Cartoon of Christmas 2008
The Third Cartoon of Christmas 2008

Looking for a unique gift for someone special?

Why not keep your cash in the local economy AND support the arts by purchasing from a local artist or craftsperson? If you’re unsure where to find one, you can start by contacting your local Art Center. In my area that includes:

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The First Cartoon of Christmas: No Wise Men

The First Cartoon of Christmas
The First Cartoon of Christmas

We begin our seasonal mirth with the fond hope that this sign – which has apparently been displayed at the Washington city limits for the last eight years – will finally be removed after the holidays.

About the Twelve Cartoons of Christmas: In what has become a Christmas tradition for me, each year I challenge myself to come up with twelve Christmas cartoons beginning on December 1 and ending with a Christmas card to my readers on December 25. Most of my ideas so far focus on politics and the economy – not the most cheerful subjects. So if you’ve got an idea, just leave a comment below and maybe I’ll use it (and give you full recognition, of course).