2009: Stick a fork in it (again)

Well guys, thanks for August!

Looks like the Cardinals top three priorities for the offseason will be:

  1. Staying in the National League Central division,
  2. Trying to convince Pujols and Holliday that winning the Central division makes you competitive.
  3. Managing to show up for 2010.

World Series Suspended

Playin' in the rain?


Playin' in the Rain


Can anybody screw up a big game like Major League Baseball? Fortunately Carlos Pena gave the umps a chance to suspend the game as a tie rather than declaring the Phillies World Champions over the Rays after only six innings.

UPDATE: Some 48 hour later the Phils wrapped up the Series with a classic 3 inning victory over the Rays.

More World Series Weather:?2007,?2006

2009 Cardinals Logo

Time for Cardinals fans to say NO! to more of the same.

Bill DeWitt’s recent email to Cardinal fans would have us believe that a couple of good months early in the season made the Cardinals a “fun team to watch” but fans know better. This off-season it’s time to make management step up to the plate and deliver an improved team for 2009. If he wants to see 3.4 millionfans in the seats for a fifth straight season, he’s going to have to make it worth our while.

Cubs Choke: Cough up NLDS

0 for October

The Cubs stretched their post-season losing streak to 9 and coughed up the NLDS to the Dodgers. ?For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the Cubs for the last 100 years, here’s a run down of their October futility:

1910 L 4-1
1918 L 4-2
1929 L 4-1
1932 L 4-0
1935 L 4-2
1938 L 4-0
1945 L 4-3
1984 L 3-2 (NLCS)
1989 L 4-1 (NLCS)
1998 L 3-0 (NLDS)
2003 W 3-2 (NLDS) L 4-3 (NLCS)
2007 L 3-0 (NLDS)
2008 L 3-0

Oh well Cubs fans, there’s alway next century?