6 thoughts on “The End of St. Joe?”

  1. Steinbrenner is such a jerk. Torre is a good guy. Whether he should be managing or not…he merits a better owner.

    btw; I remember when he was a good catcher for the Cards.

  2. And third base. that’s what he played in ’71 when he was MVP and batted .363 with 137 RBIs. He led the league in both those categories and a few others. His average was about 30 higher than anyone else in the league that year if I remember correctly.

  3. Not bad for a guy who stayed to long, if you can’t win it all with the Yankess, the best baseball can buy, snt him to K.C. good luck Joe……………

  4. Somestimes change is good, Torre is well liked by his players. But it has been sometime since they have showed up and played to potential $200 million payroll.

  5. I think Joe Torre has got to go. He’s a great guy, and a great manager. Unfortunately, he’s come up short loosing three in a row in the first round. It’s time to shake things up. It’s not like waiting 86 years for the next championship is an option.

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