32 thoughts on “Cubs Slug Cards”

  1. ha the cardinals are soooo much better then the cubs that it is just sad and cubs fans just deal with it cardinals had a bad year last year with players passing away and stuff. the cuds have had a bad past 5 years.

  2. gooooooooooo cubs and forget all the haters they just mad because the team they go for sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. jim, ronald and moll cerel u all suck cubby are the best sox suck card suck they both are the worst tttttttteam in the league . Go Cubs and Fans u guys rock wrigley field i worship it. PS VOTE FOR RON SANTO

  4. no way THE CUBS KICK BUTT they haf THE BEST TEAM THIS YR. fukudome lee ramirez soriano zambrano and soto HOW MUCH BETTA CAN U GET?
    and btw brilli the sport is baseball (the best sport ever, softball sux) not basketball. lol


  6. Cubs will spank anyone… Its a great cartoon!

    Go Cubbies!!!!! [W] all day – everyday!

  7. Hey anyone who likes the Cradinals are just flat out dumb. Pujols sucks, Lee rocks just deal with it. Cubs are goin all the way and kickin butt on the way there. Just swept the Diamondbacks while the Cardinals got killed by the Pirates. So sll yoCardinals fans can give up hope on winnin the world series. GO CUBS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. haa! The cards suck and so do the cubs but if I had to choose in between them I would definetely have to choose the cubbies. But my favorite team Is the pirates!!! (soon to be world champions of 2008 and all of the other years to come

    Peace hommies

  9. when was the last time the cubs won the world series? ……..exactly…………..(stone age)

    cardinals 2006 champions

    and when the cubs make it to the playoffs (a miracle) they get slaughtered

  10. Er… have you watched baseball at all for the last couple of years? Or Cubs- Cardinals games for the last decade or so? For Cubs fans, there’s this year. For Cardinal fans, there’s next decade. Maybe.

    The answer to Andres’ question is 1908. The Cubs have won three more World Series than the Blues have Stanley Cups. Of course, the real question is when the Cubs or the Cardinals will win their next one.

    I wouldn’t bet on the Cardinals doing it first.

  11. okay.the cubs are the best.there hot and kill the cards.so i belive everyone jsut need to get over themselves and except that.kay 🙂

  12. you card fans are all jealous because we are way better than you. besides, when do you hear peole scream in terror of how dangerous cardinals are? yah, i thought so. so just get used to the fact that the cardianals SUCK and the cubs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I can’t believe all these silly cub fan comments. “Better than you?” Geez, where the hell have you been for the last 100 years.

    Magic number for the clinch is 11. Have a nice October, losers.

    Steve Bartman

  14. THE ****!? god damnit well cubs fans if you are better than the cards who has one on record 87% of the games over the last 100 years?? THE CARDINALS! and they have one 10 world series!

  15. Well ya know what Cardinals fans? I don’t care if the Cubs haven’t won in a 100 years, a die hard fan doesn’t care how many they’ve won. And I KNOW for a FACT that there are more Cubs fans out there in the whole world than any other team. That’s right. So it doesn’t matter. Just because you’ve won 7 more WS games then we have, doesn’t mean your better.

  16. Actually it’s 8 more and it’s World Series won not World Series games won. But if you can count more Cubs fans than fans of any other teams, math isn’t your strong suit anyway.

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