21 thoughts on “Barry Bonds Bobblehead: Amphetamine Edition”

  1. Bonds is a lieing cheating snake. He gets caught, and throws a teammate under the bus. Then he denies it and tries to act like his teammates all of the sudden matter to him? Please. He’s lost touch with reality and has about as much credibility left as Mike Tyson.

  2. Bonds is probably the most hated excuse of a player in baseball. None of his steroid-aided homers count to me and I hope not to anyone who is a serious baseball fan. It would be great if no one signed this bum so that he can’t do anymore damage to baseball. He’s a farce, a phony. If we’re lucky he’ll be forced to miss the 2007 and retire, hopefully to prison.

  3. How soon we forget, Mickey Mantle, and the Babe were constantly making head lines for their alcohol abuse in public (Drunk). There were many times they were reported hanging out with prostitutes. Now you tell us that these
    men don’t fall to Barry’s Level. Steriods are bad, but so is alcohol. If Barry’s record doesn’t count, then neither should Mickey’s and Babe’s. Just to go a little further with how sick the main stream news has been in pushing this thing against Barry: How many news reporters … think it’s ok to spend your lunch drinking the well dry, then go back to work [and] attempt to wright a fair … story.

    Note: not all Americans think your way about Barry. I think he is the [best] ball player that ever played the Game …

  4. I get tired of all the haters talking about Barry Bonds. As if they have any idea what has gone on in his life. Throughout all of his carreer, Bonds has yet to test positive to steriods ever. He hasn’t shunned any drug testing. If he made one mistake with Amphetamines, so be it. Too many people are too darned self righteous to admit that they have ever done anything wrong and start shooting statements at Bonds that he is a dirty player and none of what he has done should count. BULL!! He is one of the greatest players that have ever played the game. He has done everything despite everyone trying to drag him down. He is about to break one of the longest standing records in Baseball, and we should celebrate the achievement, not try to bring it down due to something someone accused him of and had nothing other than accusations to substantiate their claim. Where is the proof people? Why hasn’t the Grand Jury indicted him? They have no proof, even after the multiple years that they have been trying. THERE IS NO PROOF of any wrong doing by Bonds. SO LET IT GO! Let him move on and break the record. It is going to happen one way or the other. It is just a matter of time….

  5. Again,
    I hope Tonya Harding doesn’t back out of our contract…..

    The Babe was a drunk, this much is true, just think of how far out of reach his record would have been if he was using performance enhancing drugs instead of the sauce that negatively affected his game. Wow.

  6. Recent studies have shown that 6 out of 10 Americans have tried Marijuanna or cocaine at some point in their lives.

    Amphetamines have unfortunatly been part of Baseball for a long, long, time.

    Want to know why?


    You try working a physically demanding job untill 10:30-11:00 at night, then get on a plane around 1 am for a nice 3 1/2, 4 hr flight, get to a hotel around 5 am local time, and be ready to work again, infront of 30,000 paying customers 6 hrs later.

    Oh and those 30,000 customers, they expect you to put on a show for them.

    They expect you to be a freak of nature every day, and perform at a superhuman level, every minute, every second that you are at work. They don’t care if your shoulder is coming out of your socket, they don’t care if your wife is in the hospital and you haven’t been home in two weeks, no all they care about is that they paid 15 bucks for an upper deck seat. They will scream how you suck, they will say nasty things about your family, all the while proclaiming their own level of morality is higher than yours.

    Happens every weekend in the big leagues.

    Oh yeah, try doing that 6 months a year, away from your wife and kids, every year for 15-20 years.

    Over 100 MLB have players tested positive for drugs, yet suprisingly only Barry Bonds results regarding greenies have been released.

    How many Hall of fame pitchers used a spitball? or a little vaseline, or a thumb tack?
    How many players have used corked bats?
    How many fans have reached over the wall for a ball in play onto the playing field, and thus affected the outcome of the game??

    Get over yourselves, and get off the witch hunt.

    Nobody’s perfect, and pro athletes don’t start out with the goal of being somebody’s role model.
    They want to play at the best of their ability, make a lot of money, and hopefully win a championship.

    How about random drug testing for newspaper reporters? I’d like to know that the “fair and balenced” reporting of “NEWS” stories is being produced without the influence of illicent drugs.

  7. who cares if he did it… lets see how many of you guys can hit a 90+ fastball day in and day out… doing drugs isnt ganna help him catch up to a pitch that fast. so drugs or no drugs barry bonds can still flat out hit a baseball and thats all that matters.

  8. ok mr.hynson… first off there are milions of guys in this world who get drunk and go to strip clubs.. yeah it’s discusting. BUT I bet less use roids. If anything the drunkness would have made Babe’s game wack. SO barry bonds sucks and is a disgrace to baseball. REAL fans know that.

    and by the way… its WRITE not wright…

  9. ok, Hynson. You’re trying to say Mickey Mantle and the Babe’s use of alcohol is equivalent to using a performance enhancing drug. You fail. Alcohol didn’t cause them to sporadically bulk up in muscle mass and start nailing balls over the fence.

  10. I just don’t understand how anybody who has watched Bonds transform himself can beleive that he did not use steroids or HHG. The man has become massive; that can happen with an extreme workoyt program. But his feet has grown 2 complete sizes, and his hat size has inreased by 3/4 of an inch since 1997.

    Look at his face; it’s shape has completely changed shape in the last 10 years. Again, that may happen with age and putting on weight, but Bonds is not putting on a lot of weight.

    I have to beleive he is on something.

  11. Steroids can’t make you hit more home-runs. It takes good eye and arm swing coordination. And, if steroids could make you a better home-run hitter then everybody would be taking the drug. Player would take something to cover-up the steroids use as Barry Bonds has done since he has never tested positive for steroid use.

    Let’s not be so na?ve?I mean the stupid type.

  12. He’s like a bad Grinch parody — “and in Baseball they say that Barry’s small head grew three sizes that day…”

  13. Steroids can?t make you hit more home-runs. But it does prolong your career and also the fact you can swing the bat faster and harder.

    You are are such idiot when you say barry bonds never tested positive for steroids. Did you know that people in Chem labs have design drugs to bypass the test? I guess, your only a cheater if you get caught …

  14. barry is a lying cheater who should get all his stats erased

    i think everyones hoping that A-rod will one day break bonds fake record. Hank Aaron even hinte that on his congrats video

  15. I think barry bonds should rot in a sack. BUt i have to say something other than he cheats and he stinks. Barry bonds does not stink. Before he took steroids he was a quick base runner and he stole lot. Also he got constant hits and was a gold glove winner. He is not a true slugger and i think he deserves to be fined and jailed. Barry Bonds made a big mistake, he took ‘roids, lied and broke records. That is not right and if i were the commissioner of the mlb i would ban him out of the league permanently and i would erase all of his records, even though some of them he did honestly ear. BUt oh well because he cheated and thats is one think i hate…cheaters disgust me. That is my input on bonds.

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