Barry Bonds Bobble Head: Steroid Edition

Barry Bonds Bobble Head

It’s our way of celebrating Barry’s dubious accomplishments as he’s on the verge of passing Henry Aaron as the all-time leader in National League home runs (a few of Hammering Hank’s homers were in the American league so he’ll hold on to the overall record – at least for a while).

For those who miss the humor (or think we’re referring to Barry’s ego), an enlarged head is one side-effect of steroid and/or human growth hormone use. To the best of our knowledge there’s no known exercise program proven to develop scalp muscles.

And, on a serious note, thanks to Hank and Roger for memories that remain untainted even as MLB’s record book has begun to smell a bit over-ripe.

11 thoughts on “Barry Bonds Bobble Head: Steroid Edition”

  1. Totally amazing. The writing is on the wall, err, hat size, as to whether Bonds used steroids. That there is even a controversy about whether he used ‘roids is laughable. It is on par with whether or not global warming exists.

    Get the full story @ — The Official Anti-Steroid Baseball Community.

  2. BONDS is the worst thing that ever happened to baseball. the man needs to be banned before he can beat hammerin hanks record. steroids are a thing for cheaters, not hereos. he needs to get his big muscles, old body, and little ding-o-ling out of baseball!

  3. Just another layered reason why so many of us no longer watch, follow or have the slightest interest in what is passed off as major league baseball. It stepped over the precipice when they killed the World Series in order to fatten their wallets.

  4. Balco Bonds is an embarrassment to the game of baseball. I stopped following baseball in 1965 when the Braves left Milwaukee. And, I am glad that I did. Today’s game if a far cry from what I grew up with.

  5. I have kind of a little head and little feet even though I am 6-3. Could someone tell me what workout regimen I need to get on in the gym to make my feet and head grow like Bonds? Thank you..Darin in Columbus

  6. His head is sooooooHUGE it has it’s own moons….it’s larger than Jupiter……If we launched his head into space(instead of the record baseball) it would block out the sun…

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