A Tribute to Buck O’Neil

Buck O'Neil in Heaven

Buck O’Neil, a great player from the Negro Leagues and one of the finest representatives baseball has ever had, died Friday at age 94. Sadly, he didn’t live to see his name added to the roster at the Hall of Fame. True fans of the game can only hope that injustice is soon corrected.

You’ll be missed Buck.

3 thoughts on “A Tribute to Buck O’Neil”

  1. Baseball has indeed lost one of its very best. At least he is in the one hall of fame that really counts.

  2. I’ve seen it written many times, “What a great ambassador he was for black baseball.” I disagree. Buck O’Neil was a great ambassador for mankind. Even when snubbed by the HoF he was there to speak without any bitterness. I am saddened by OUR loss. Rest in Peace Buck!

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