Illinois Governor Generic Campaign/Wanted Poster

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Update: We interrupt the 12 Cartoons of Christmas to bump this post from 2006 and inform you that the Feds have taken current Illinois governor?Rod Blagojevich into custody. Meanwhile, our Senator Durbin is asking President Bush to commute former governor Ryan’s sentence. So far he’s served a little over a year of his 6-1/2 year sentence.

In some states they send their former governors to the White House. In Illinois, we send ours to the big house.

Of our last eight governors, two (Otto Kerner and Dan Walker) spent time in prison, one (George Ryan) is scheduled to report to prison in January and the current governor (Rod Blagojevich) is under investigation. We’ll probably re-elect him anyway.

Of course that presents TOONrefugee with a unique opportunity to streamline both the electoral and the criminal justice systems by making available to all candidates our Generic Illinois Governor Campaign/Wanted Poster.

Illinois Governor Campaign/Wanted Poster

Simply insert your candidates name and photos in the spaces provided and tack it on the post office wall.

3 thoughts on “Illinois Governor Generic Campaign/Wanted Poster”

  1. That’s the truth. I hate it when I don’t like who’s there, I don’t like who’s running, and I hate not to vote at all! Grrrrrr.

  2. What a slimy man. Does he think he will get away with this blatant corruption? I feel sorry for his daughters who has to face school and peers the day after.

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