Co-Worker Hall of Fame: The Toad

Toad on a Fork Lift

I’ve written a piece for the Co-Worker Hall of Fame over at Here’s an excerpt:

I have especially fond memories of the time I spent working in what I?ll refer to (for reasons that will soon become clear) as the Pond. My job consisted of putting metal bases on cardboard tubes to create a carton. After I had created several of these cartons, I stacked them neatly on a palette and they were picked up be a forklift and taken away to be filled with road tar. The driver of the forklift was a large chap with an unfortunate resemblance to a toad. The forklift inevitably became known as the Lily Pad. The Toad mounted the Lily Pad at eight-thirty every morning, hopped off briefly for lunch and then reoccupied his perch until three-thirty in the afternoon.

If you’d like to read more, you’ll have to visit Co-Worker Hall of Fame

Say it ain’t so

performance enhancing drugs
Are we overlooking the most important side effect of performance enhancing drugs? With the ongoing doping scandals in cycling, track & field, baseball, cartooning (just kidding on that one), etc., etc., it’s worth considering.

And, hey, I promise to get off the sports theme for at least the next couple cartoons.

Edit October 12, 2006: Floyd says it ain’t so?