From Moses to Matt Cutts

When stuck for a idea, you can always recycle an old one. Here are two cartoons created several years apart that are based upon a similar idea.

Moses parting the waters

The story of Moses parting the Red Sea is a familiar one. Google’s Matt Cutts may not be as well know but he’s famous (or infamous) to search engine optimizers, many of whom find their sites in the legendary sandbox, a place where new sites get stuck and are unable to place high in search results until they escape.

Matt Cutts Google Sandbox

Barry Bonds Bobble Head: Steroid Edition

Barry Bonds Bobble Head

It’s our way of celebrating Barry’s dubious accomplishments as he’s on the verge of passing Henry Aaron as the all-time leader in National League home runs (a few of Hammering Hank’s homers were in the American league so he’ll hold on to the overall record – at least for a while).

For those who miss the humor (or think we’re referring to Barry’s ego), an enlarged head is one side-effect of steroid and/or human growth hormone use. To the best of our knowledge there’s no known exercise program proven to develop scalp muscles.

And, on a serious note, thanks to Hank and Roger for memories that remain untainted even as MLB’s record book has begun to smell a bit over-ripe.

American Quixote

American Quixote

Presented with my apologies to Picasso.

I ran this by my review board and the general consensus is that it sucks. One person doesn’t like it because it equates GWB with don Quixote and she happens to be fond of the man of La Mancha. Another doesn’t like it perhaps because he doesn’t like Picasso (or maybe just my rip-off of him). So, I may be the only person who enjoys this cartoon but, what the heck, it’s my site!