Blog Action Day: Computrash

computer trash

As bloggers and environmentalists, we would do well today to remember that our digital world is built upon a mountain of computer trash. The truckload shown below is 20 years of my obsolete computing power on it’s way to be recycled yesterday. The collection point is shown in the other photos.

Computer Trash

4 thoughts on “Blog Action Day: Computrash”

  1. real ironic.

    but i guess we have to try to leverage computing power to fix the problems its(tech trash) gonna cause in the future.

  2. The irony wasn’t lost on me. I just wanted to point out that one way to start addressing the problem is by cleaning up our own mess.

  3. It was almost 20 years of computers for me (I’d never thrown them away just stashed them in a storage room in my office) plus an old air conditioner.

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