This Christmas Support Your Local Artist

The Third Cartoon of Christmas 2008
The Third Cartoon of Christmas 2008

Looking for a unique gift for someone special?

Why not keep your cash in the local economy AND support the arts by purchasing from a local artist or craftsperson? If you’re unsure where to find one, you can start by contacting your local Art Center. In my area that includes:

(Or you could just buy a print from TOONrefugee using the form below – after all, I’m local to somebody)

Feel free to leave a comment and add the contact information for your own local arts group.

4 thoughts on “This Christmas Support Your Local Artist”

  1. Great Cartoon! I wonder where the artist’s got his inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmm, I see Christee, Jim, John…oh wait, I thought it was John; instead it was Santa! LOL

  2. Hey I am a member of a local Not For Profit Group who are looking to have some new designs made for some t-shirt artwork. The process right now is looking for someone to draw these for us. It is a tropical theme. We are in Hanover PA south of Harrisburg. Any suggestions on finding a good artist?

  3. @Bill I’d check with local artist groups or a local gallery. They may be able to point you in the right direction. A local college art department is another possibility.

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