The Fourth Cartoon of Christmas 2007: Super Santa

Super Santa

Ever wonder what Santa does the other 364 days a year? TOONrefugee now exposes the shocking truth, Santa is Superman. While we may not be the first to suggest the possibility, we believe we’re the first to offer convincing proof. Consider:

  Santa Superman
Common Quote Dash away! Dash Away! Up, Up and Away!
Costume Wears red suit Wears red briefs and cape
Alias’ Initials CK – Chris Kringle CK – Clark Kent
Weakness Green Grinch Green Kryptonite
Headquarters Workshop at North Pole Fortress of Solitude in the arctic
Flies With help of reindeer With help of yellow sun
Pet Flying Reindeer (Rudolf) Flying dog (Krypto)

And, not counting Macy’s Parade (where Superman appeared as a blimp), have you ever seen them together?