Barry Bonds Bobble Head: Steroid Edition

Barry Bonds Bobble Head

It’s our way of celebrating Barry’s dubious accomplishments as he’s on the verge of passing Henry Aaron as the all-time leader in National League home runs (a few of Hammering Hank’s homers were in the American league so he’ll hold on to the overall record – at least for a while).

For those who miss the humor (or think we’re referring to Barry’s ego), an enlarged head is one side-effect of steroid and/or human growth hormone use. To the best of our knowledge there’s no known exercise program proven to develop scalp muscles.

And, on a serious note, thanks to Hank and Roger for memories that remain untainted even as MLB’s record book has begun to smell a bit over-ripe.

Say it ain’t so

performance enhancing drugs
Are we overlooking the most important side effect of performance enhancing drugs? With the ongoing doping scandals in cycling, track & field, baseball, cartooning (just kidding on that one), etc., etc., it’s worth considering.

And, hey, I promise to get off the sports theme for at least the next couple cartoons.

Edit October 12, 2006: Floyd says it ain’t so?