Getting Ready for Christmas: Emissions Testing

Christmas Pollution Testing

The Sixth Cartoon of Christmas

With the Sixth Cartoon of Christmas, I’m right on schedule to complete this year’s cycle. Word out of the North Pole is that things haven’t gone as smoothly there. But don’t worry kids, I’m sure Santa and the elves will have things worked out in time for Christmas.

The Second Cartoon of Christmas 2007: Global Warming Santa

Global Warming Santa

Forget the polar bears, can Al Gore save Santa?

Note: This is the second in my 12 Cartoons of Christmas: 2007 the Sequel series. I had doubts about being able to pull it off again this year but yesterday’s Santa Approved Guns ad inspired me to get started. I can still use a couple ideas if I’m going to make it to twelve before December 25, so I invite you to comment and submit your own ideas.