Sacred Grounds Edwardsville

Sacred Grounds

I get caffeinated every Saturday morning at Sacred Grounds, my favorite coffee shop in the whole world. Besides the excellent coffee, it features vegetarian meals which will make you wonder why they ever invented meat and a rotating exhibition of work by local artists sponsored by the Edwardsville Arts Center. It’s rumored that if you sit in Sacred Grounds long enough, you can meet everyone in Edwardsville (and a few other characters as well).

Edwardsville Arts Center Project

Edwardsville Plate Project

I, along with a number of other area artists, was recently asked to participate in a fund raiser for the Edwardsville Arts Center. We were asked to submit four drawings which will eventually be transferred to plates (the kind you eat off of) and displayed at their new gallery. Eventually, the plates will be sold or auctioned to raise money for the center’s programming. Since I’ve lived in the area for all but about six years of my life. I decided to submit cartoons of some of my favorite memories of living, working and playing (sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference) in Edwardsville, Illinois.

The next four posts will feature my four plates and a bit of the story behind each one. The media for all the drawings is Sharpie marker and colored pencils.