Blogging Motivation Tool

Blogging Motivation Tool

  1. Not having posted for a week and facing another long night, the blogger reaches for his list of fall-back post topics?
  2. Knocking the coffee mug onto the keyboard, activating fish screen saver?
  3. Attracting the turtle which moves toward the screen opening door to bird cage?
  4. The bird escapes, lightening the cage which rises?
  5. Causing the weight to fall, striking the match against the wall and lighting the cannon?
  6. The cannon ball strikes the boot?
  7. Kicking the blogger in the butt and propelling him to the keyboard to begin his post.

With a tip of the TOONrefugee cap to Rube Goldberg.

First, do no harm.

Google China

The high moral ground is difficult territory to control.

Note: Given our recent focus on Google and the fact that the search engine’s co-founder Sergey Brin just admitted, “On a business level, that decision to censor… was a net negative.” and “perhaps now the principled approach makes more sense”. I thought this cartoon deserved a bump.

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Google is Evil

Google is evil

Since discovering the joys of the free blogging software Word Press my son has been spawning blogs at a prodigious rate. If current trends continue , by 2017 he will either own, produce or contribute to every blog on the Internet. And I will have created a logo for every one of them!
Anyway, his latest effort is which will tell “the other side of the story. You?ll be able to look at the ?man behind the curtain? and stare in the face of the all mighty Oz? I mean Google.” In short he wants to convince you that in spite of its motto, “do no evil,” Google is Evil!