World Series Suspended

Playin' in the rain?


Playin' in the Rain


Can anybody screw up a big game like Major League Baseball? Fortunately Carlos Pena gave the umps a chance to suspend the game as a tie rather than declaring the Phillies World Champions over the Rays after only six innings.

UPDATE: Some 48 hour later the Phils wrapped up the Series with a classic 3 inning victory over the Rays.

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2009 Cardinals Logo

Time for Cardinals fans to say NO! to more of the same.

Bill DeWitt’s recent email to Cardinal fans would have us believe that a couple of good months early in the season made the Cardinals a “fun team to watch” but fans know better. This off-season it’s time to make management step up to the plate and deliver an improved team for 2009. If he wants to see 3.4 millionfans in the seats for a fifth straight season, he’s going to have to make it worth our while.

Cubs Choke: Cough up NLDS

0 for October

The Cubs stretched their post-season losing streak to 9 and coughed up the NLDS to the Dodgers. ?For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to the Cubs for the last 100 years, here’s a run down of their October futility:

1910 L 4-1
1918 L 4-2
1929 L 4-1
1932 L 4-0
1935 L 4-2
1938 L 4-0
1945 L 4-3
1984 L 3-2 (NLCS)
1989 L 4-1 (NLCS)
1998 L 3-0 (NLDS)
2003 W 3-2 (NLDS) L 4-3 (NLCS)
2007 L 3-0 (NLDS)
2008 L 3-0

Oh well Cubs fans, there’s alway next century?