Barry Bonds Hall of Shame Exhibit

BArry Bonds Hall of Fame

Apparently, Christmas is the season for sentencing – first and ex-governor and now an ex slugger. And once again, cartoons are the gift that keeps on giving. Here I’m recycling a cartoon from 2007 to mark the occasion of Barry Bonds’ sentencing for obstruction of justice.

TOONrefugee humbly offers it’s exhibit design services to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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2011: Stick a fork in it (yet again)

Cooked Cardinal
This was supposed to be the year?

The To Do List hasn’t changed:

Cardinal to do list for the offseason:

  1. Sign Albert Pujols
  2. Learn that playing a team with a losing record is not considered an off-day.
  3. Double check the signature on item 1 above.
And add to that, straighten out the bullpen!

2009: Stick a fork in it (again)

Well guys, thanks for August!

Looks like the Cardinals top three priorities for the offseason will be:

  1. Staying in the National League Central division,
  2. Trying to convince Pujols and Holliday that winning the Central division makes you competitive.
  3. Managing to show up for 2010.